How to set up conversion tracking with Callrail Phone Calls & Google Analytics 

Why would this be used?

If you are as serious as we are about tracking then you are going to love this. Or if you are someone learning about the possibilities then this can be for you as well.  I always wonder what happened to the click that came from the ads. Did that click from the ads turn into a phone call? Well the answer is you don’t know unless you have this set up, or if you use a single tracking number on a single landing page.

Often I will get asked, well how many phone calls did we get? The only way to measure that is through Google ads extensions, which IMO is still a little “iffy.” In order for the Google ads system to track these calls from ad extensions is to use a Google forwarding number. These are all recycled numbers that Google assigns to ad accounts. There have been many occasions where clients are telling me they are getting calls for another company, or just down right unrelated. They don’t always get it right.

When using Google Ads it is important to use conversion tracking for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the ability to optimize accounts, find out which ads are working, find keywords that are spending advertising dollars and not generating leads. If you are running Google ads, and have no conversion tracking you can be missing serious opportunities. Not only does conversion tracking allow you to optimize your account. But it also gives “signals to Google ads.” In modern advertising, advertisers have options to use smart bidding. “Smart Bidding is a subset of automated bid strategies that use machine learning to optimize for conversions or conversion value in each and every auction” 


Why use conversion tracking

  1. See which keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns are best at driving valuable customer activity.
  2. Understand your return on investment (ROI) and make better informed decisions about your ad spend.
  3. Use Smart Bidding strategies (such as Maximize Conversions, target CPA, and target ROAS) that automatically optimize your campaigns according to your business goals.
  4. See how many customers may be interacting with your ads on one device or browser and converting on another. You can view cross-device, cross-browser, and other conversion data in your “All conversions” reporting column.




Now knowing that Google ads system uses signals for their machine learning algorithms to work. We need to be able to add as many “signals” for google’s brain to work off of. Callrail has a feature that allows you to add first time callers into analytics, from there you can import that goal from Analytics to Google ads.  Thus giving another signal for Google to optimize your account. 

If you are an advertiser use this tutorial from Callrail to set up this additional conversion in your google account.  

This is a service we offer for all of our clients for a low fee of $175.00. Not only do we set up calls as conversions. We also set up all form submissions to track as a conversion.  

If you or your company needs help with this type of service, then please reach out to us. This is something we do day in and day out!