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About us  is a fully capable digital marketing company located out of Oxnard Ca near Silverstrand Beach, Ca. We specialize in paid advertisements, and unique strategies made for return on investments. Our most recent client’s campaign made over $70,000 in reoccurring revenue from Facebook ads.

Founder Randy James has over eight years of digital marketing experience. Working as the in house marketing person for businesses such as Simi Valley Harley Davidson, Simi Valley Cycles, and other business locally. started making walkaround videos for motorcycle dealerships for youtube, and dealer websites. This turned into over time a strong knowledge of the inner workings of internet marketing, website design. conversion optimization, and mainly a return on investment.

With almost a decade of experience, we have deep knowledge of what traffic sources work with which niches, and have proven success in niches such as personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, Realtors, Pest Control, and our main niche the marine/ boating industry.

Working in a house in a dealership setting for over five years Randy has deep knowledge of sales operations, marketing tactics, and the back ends of sites like, Powersports network, and other templated PHP built sites.

We specialize in Google AdWords campaigns and paid Facebook ads campaigns. We believe that our clients are our partners, we grow when you grow.

Our job is to make you more money off of the money you put into advertising, bottom line. So our approach is unique, no cookie cutter plans made to fit everyone’s business. We create a unique strategy by researching what your successful competitors are already doing. has all the fancy tools that most people don’t know exists which gives our company the edge. If you are looking for a boutique style marketing company that will give you the attention that you deserve. Make necessary changes when they need to be made, and make the main goal of putting more cash in your wallet. Then you should try our free strategy consultation.

We are a no contract company. If we don’t prove results for you then why should you be stuck spending money with us? It doesn’t make sense. We like to treat people like we would like to be treated. Most importantly do a good job as an advertising company and create an ROI.

We are trusted by local companies and national companies which if you request you can speak with as a referral. Thanks for visiting and we hope to speak with you soon.