Development Services, you dream it we build it.

Your Great Idea To Life

You may have a great feature that your website could offer. But your CMS offers limited capabilities. Have us build you a custom solution. 


All of the websites we build look good on every device. 

On page optimization

Complete on page optimization done for you by our SEO team.

Professional content

3,000 Words Of Professional Native Content.

Fast loading

Our sites are built to be light and load quick


We use up to date plugins and libraries to keep your sites safe.

high Converting

Every site is built from the ground up with conversions in mind

Complete On-Page Optimization

Having a nice looking website is great. You can sell them for top dollar and your clients will love the experience they have when visiting. But, at the end of the day if your website is not built to rank in the search engines, then what is the point?

With Revv Marketing Inc.’s owners coming from a large SEO background it only makes sense that we implement that most advanced and up to date on page optimization in the industry. This service alone sells for hundreds of dollars from other companies and for the most part their strategies are not as complete as ours.

Expert Designs Developed WordPress sites for any local business.

Do you hate the box-looking local themes that make your sites look like they were spit out of the 90’s? You guys know what I am talking about! They plague every forum and you see new ones every few months that offer nothing unique or overly helpful…

We put an end to ugly, outdated looking sites that seem to have become synonymous with local sites. Let’s get you the rundown on what these built to rank machines offer.

The websites look clean, boasting an appearance that screams, “We were not built the same year as Napster!”

We ensure they are responsive on all devices right out of the box. Your site is optimized for security and speed with premium plugins installed and configured with best practice for WordPress sites in mind.

Floating call buttons and intelligently placed calls to action take these sites from “pretty” to “pretty and pretty powerful”.

Conversions are the name of the game so why not have a site built that not only is optimized to rank but will encourage visitors to convert into customers once they traffic your website.

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