Google does provide a tool to give you estimates of how much clicks would cost in your area. This can help get close to a budget. What we recommend is setting a more than expected budget in the first 90 days of running ads. This allows your account to bring in data. Once the data is there we can do a plethora of things like, automated bidding strategies, slim down accounts to focus on producers, etc… To find out if you are a fit for Google ads, then schedule a free consultation with us, and we will give you an idea of what you would need to spend to be profitable. 

How Much Does It Cost?

This is a great question if you are interested in doing Paid advertising with Google. Then there are a few things you have to consider. First off what are you looking to accomplish? PPC is what we like to call light-switch marketing. It can take as little as 24 hours to have ads live. The same goes for turning them off, if it’s not working, then why advertise on Google? Sometimes that will happen in certain niches. But generally, it works really well because you are capturing searches that have intent behind them. For example “used cars for sale” is a term we would bid on if you are a car dealership. The person behind that search is most likely in the market for a used car. 

As a general rule of thumb if you don’t have at least $1000.00 per month then you probably want to focus on more guerrilla marketing tactics. Google ads charge you by each click, that is on the search network. So if a click costs $2.00 with a $1000.00 budget then that would get you 500 clicks to your website. As a general rule of thumb you would get a 5% conversion rate. That means that only 25 of those clicks would turn into leads. Now you take your offline conversion rate into factor, and then add your gross profit to each sale and you can start calculating a budget. 



What Does Your Management Do For Us?

After our initial conversation we will come up with a few options for you. Remember that there are more options in the digital marketing world. We will take a look at the back end of your competitions campaigns and their budgets. We are going to look at your website or landing page. If your website is sub par then we would recommend that you have our developer work on your site and build it to convert leads. We most certainly don’t want to waste your money. If you don’t have a website then we can build out custom landing pages built exactly to convert leads. Our management also comes with background automation. This really sets us apart from alot of other agencies because optimization is happening while we are all sleeping.  



How Does Your Company Charge?

We determine how to charge you after our initial conversation. Due to our agency being successful currently. We do not gouge our prices to gain business. We are more of a high end agency that focuses on client relations. Our clients pay us our requested fee’s because of our reputation, customer service, and results. Again results are the name of the  game in this industry, no one is here to advertise to not produce an ROAS. The charges are either based on a percentage of your adspend plus a set up cost. The set up cost can include building out landing pages, building out ads, setting up campaigns, and there structure.  We are fair, but at the same time we have a business to run. Once you become a client, we will set up reporting on your desired frequency and discuss your campaign, and the direction it’s heading in. This will give you some piece of mind to where your dollars are being spent.  We really take on the moddo, if you are not generating leads or making sales, then we are not doing our job. 



Will It Work?

There is no guarantee that we will sign off guaranteeing that it will work. On new accounts with no data there is nothing to optimize for. So we have to go through a data building phase. In attempts to speed that process up, we use 3rd party tools to look at your niche, see what competitors are doing.  This way we can jump into a campaign with a good start, rather than going into it blindly. The rule of thumb is that if an advertiser has been spending money over a period of time, then it has to be working. Yes we can ethically look at all of that data, and yes we can show you as well.  We can also send you referrals so you can talk to some of our clients. 


Do you guys make websites?

We started out making websites in our very beginnings. As of now we only take clients that have a budget of $1500 or more to build out a website. We do not focus on commodity style website services. All of our work is done by our development team with vast experience, and includes a skill set ranging from web development, network and information security, basic graphic design and video editing, a plethora of languages including php, SQL, perl, python, PHP, ruby and more. We focus more on taking existing website, and making them better. We also create landing pages made specifically for conversions and conversion rate optimization. We are all about the data, and making sure that we are doing the best possible job for you. As you grow, we grow! 


How Do We See Results?

On all new accounts without Google Analytics installed we will make that a priority. Google analytics is a free tool from Google that allows you to measure many metrics. For clients that are very new to advertising. We will give you an overview of how to, and what to read in analytics. We also schedule reporting that gets sent to you automatically. We have found that if clients don’t know what’s happening, then they tend to cancel. We want to make sure you know the effects of your campaign. 


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