PPC Automation Workflows

The automation workflows running in the background of all of our client’s PPC Adwords accounts are really what makes us stand out from most other agencies.  This allows us to really give you outstanding support and a 24/7 manager on your accounts. Here is a list of our current workflows working in the background of our Google Ads accounts. We are currently managing near 30 accounts with a combined spend of over $32,000 managed dollars and growing. If you have worked with other agencies you have probably dealt with unscientific management. Agencies making mistakes that cost you advertising dollars, the list goes on and on. This is how we battle that when managing accounts in mass. We also have a virtual team assigned to supporting our management. Our software combined with talent gives you the ultimate PPC campaign. 


Zero Impression Alert

Our 3rd party software scans all of our clients accounts and looks for 0 impressions. This is great for us as an agency & our clients. Sometimes a credit card will expire, and if we dont catch it, then you could be losing out on advertising. This alert make sure that eye balls catch any kind of impression drops and address the matter accordingly.

Suspected Conversion Drop

This Alert allows us to get notified when an account has a drop in conversions. This allows us to have a hawk eye view on your account at all times. 

Spike In CPC

This Alert allows us to get notified when an account a spike in costs per clicks. This allows us to investigate the source and address accodingly. 

Scan For High Cost Queries With No Conversions

The allows us to add negatives automatically on terms that have a history of clicks but never produce a conversions. This allows your account to spend your allocated budget on areas that produce conversions.  

Automatic Keyword Scraping:

Step 1, 2 ,3 & 4: Scrape To Exact Match Adgroups

Identify High Performers


The first step will look for any search queries that have more than 20 impressions in the last 30 days. This will ensure we add these terms to their own solidified adgroup which then in turn allows us to solidify terms that are on their way to becoming high performers. In this stage we will also add the term as a negative keyword to the original adgroup so the account doesn’t have any double bidding. This is all automated with a one step buffer that our staff approves or disapproves on keywords that get sculpted.

Step 5: The Money Process

Identify terms with past history of creating revenue

This is where the real magic comes in. After the steps above are running we set up the automation to begin looking for terms that have 2 or more conversion in the last 30 days. On new accounts that have existing data we do an automatic data scrape. In this phase we use a lifetime look back window, and use the same criteria to look for any search queries and keywords that have 2 or more conversions. 

From here the software begins building out  SKAGS or single keyword adgroups. By building out SKAGS we are able to take those keywords that have 2 or more conversions and solidify them into SKAGs, this allows us to ceate tightly knit ads. By doing this we are able to produce extremely high quality scores. Quality scores effect cost per clicks and ad positioning. Ultimately creating the most optimized account possible.  

For existing accounts please make sure to take advantage of our 30-day free trial. We offer a trial on existing accounts in this trial period we will discuss your goals and apply our management to your account. If we do not exceed your goals that were discussed, then we don’t attain your business. If we do increase performance in your account then we attain your account and you begin paying a management fee.