Success Report

Report Comparison, Carefree Boat Club Englewood


Assess, Plan, Succeed

The Carefree Boat Club Englewood Google Ads account has improved significantly in just two weeks. The account’s keywords were optimized to be more relevant to the target audience and to have a lower cost per click. The success of the optimization efforts is clear from the data. The account saw a significant increase in all of the key metrics, including CTR, conversion rate, and website traffic. These improvements are likely to lead to increased sales and revenue for the business. The Carefree Boat Club Englewood Google Ads account is a clear example of the success that can be achieved through optimization. The account saw significant improvements in a short period of time, and it is likely that these improvements will continue in the future.

Cost Per Conversion

From $85.11 to $47.95


Average Cost Per Click

From $2.05 to $2.35


Clicks: 166 to 224    +35%


From 4 to 11





Overall, the data suggests that the optimization efforts were successful in improving the performance of the Google Ads account. The increase in impressions and clicks indicates that the ads were more visible to users and generated more interest, while the significant increase in conversions suggests that the optimization efforts improved the quality and relevance of the ads, resulting in more meaningful interactions with users. Additionally, the decrease in cost per conversion indicates that the optimization efforts were able to drive more conversions while reducing costs, making the campaign more efficient and cost-effective.

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