Date Of Hire: April 3rd 2020

Niche: Boating

Service Hired For PPC/Facebook ads

Case Study Key-points & Overview.

Increased overall traffic from April – June 28th 2020 compared to previous year by 250%. The comparison to the previous year was made because the business is seasonal.



Overall leads increased by 350% 

Sales Stats: Increased by 17 in memberships compared to the previous year. 

This client hired Revv Marketing Inc. for Google ads management including the search network, re-targeting, and the display network. Also including Paid Ads Facebook & Instagram campaign series. The sale, in this case, is offline, Revv Marketing jumps in and works with the person working the leads in this case for feedback on the quality of the leads.

We started out by taking over an existing AdWords campaign, we had initially found broken ad extensions. ads that had old specials, a few other things such as setting an ad schedule was not set. All normal signs when a PPC manager has an account for a while, and they no longer update accounts as they did when they first started.

We began optimizing the account and restrategized with the owner on future plans, promotions, and really got involved with operations.

In May we began seeing better results on the paid Adwords side:

Overall stats in May 2020 compared to May of 2019

  • Clicks 1978 VS 1400
  • Cost $1375.00 vs $1100.00
  • 43 conversions VS 20
  • Cost of Conversions: $32.39 Vs $52.88 
  • Average CPC $0.69 Vs $2.01
  • Adwords Change Log: 327 Changes

We began to roll out an advanced Facebook Messenger Bot and fired up a Facebook campaign targeting messages as the objective. We drove 40 messaging conversations for a total cost of $224.00. At the end of May, we decided that messaging was not working out as good as it should have. So we started a new campaign with the objective of link clicks, sending traffic to the landing page.

Overall stats:

  • 2438 link clicks
  • Amount $700.22
  • Conversions 36
  • Impressions: 129,038 – We use this as a metric in case studies that are targeted locally. This counts as 129k eyeballs on their business within a 30-mile radius of their business. 


This image shows analytics from May 2020 – May of 2019.

June 2020

In June we began to strive forward, we implemented new display banner ads, and begun scoping out lead nurturing and automation.


Overall stats in May 2020 compared to May of 2019 For Adwords

  • Clicks 2085 VS 605
  • Cost $1340.70 vs $1,646.00
  • 23 conversions VS 8
  • Cost of Conversions: $58.29 Vs $129.33
  • Average CPC $0.64 Vs $2.01
  • Adwords Change Log: 977 changes

This is an active ongoing client.