Youtube Ranking Factors in 2017

A few months back I took a new job opportunity that I got from someone who saw an ad of mine. I won’t go into tons of details. But, I learned a great lesson that I will never forget. By taking the job, I gave up on the years that I have spent studying and practicing SEO, and generally all internet marketing techniques. As of now I decided to get back into business, but taking a major loss of income. Yet gaining time to build my future, my way. Sacrifices have to be made as everyone knows. Which has put me into a position, where I must make this business successful.

I called a craigslist ad the other day, the guy was looking for some help with his youtube channel. Come to find out they make hair products, and they do a good job at it. Just a small husband & wife business, that they have grown themselves into something that has the potential to achieve all of their wildest dreams.

Their youtube channel needed quite a bit of work to an SEOs perspective. But they have a good amount of comments, one video has over 500k views. Best of all they are getting sales, but they want more eyes on the product. This is what they are considering hiring me on as an independent contractor for them.

2017 youtube ranking factors in a tough or competitive niche. Right, because anyone can rank a video on youtube. But when you try to rank a video with all your previous techniques that work, and now they don’t work as good as they need to. What do you do?

Here is a summary of what I have noticed in my hours of comparison and analyzing:

Views are not a MAJOR contributing ranking factor. Meaning a video with less views can out rank a video with more views. It makes sense also, I read an article from backlinko that says the same thing about views. Youtube encourages new content. They want users to stay on their site, so they will not hold power on bring brands with tons of views vs a new video with low views. I think that you should definitely run an adwords for video campaign on the video. Not only because paid views will help push the video up, but you also get social proof which can turn into better conversions, and more people actually watching the video. Just because it “Seems” popular to the eye.

Subscriber count isn’t a factor. In my comparison I saw videos out rank other videos that had more subscribers.

Likes & comments: I did notice videos that have a higher like and comment count. Again this really makes sense as it is a sign to youtube that this video is engaging its viewers. Therefor, more brownie points from google.

Social signals: This was really surprising, as it was one of the only constants. Out of the videos that I had checked each video that was ranking higher than the other for the same keyword had more facebook signals, and twitter signals. Which I will have to say it is a HUGE FACTOR in ranking youtube videos in 2017.

I plan on doing a “My Journey” where I will rank youtube videos, and I will show the notes in public, and progress with sales and ranking as I go along.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was able to help a youtuber out there looking for answers on ranking a video in youtube in a competitive niche in 2017.