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Website Maintanence

banner-957163_1920If you don’t need a new website, and need a pro to come in and knock out small tasks on your site, then try us out.

We start at $150.00 per month, and that’ll get you 5 hours per month. About this section, we realize that there is a lot of bad vibes out there about the industry. And we are willing to work with you to get your account. If you think about it we don’t succeed unless our clients succeed therefore we treat each account as if it were our own sites.

We will also be on the look out for any opportunities, or look for other problems on your site that you may have not caught. See I understand what it’s like to run a business, and it can be hectic and stressful. We try to be an asset of your team. Not just some company that handles tasks on your site. Shoot, if you wanted to hang out, and hit the beach we could do that too.

I take this business extremely seriously, as it is my only income stream, and I have been working too long, and too hard to not handle each of our accounts with extreme care and attention to detail.

Feel free to ask for our references, each one of our clients will give you an A+ testimonial. And give you a personal review, as we become friends with our clients. I really want to give this business a personal approach, and not be disconnected as that what seems the world is becoming.

Not sure what you need? Either send us a message via chat, email, or give us a call. We can go over your project, and come up with a fair solution that is in accordance with your budget.