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Referral Program

Earn 30% of all invoice recurring, and one-time fee’s for the life of the client.

Over 7 years of digital marketing experience. Not only is my experience in-house, but also self-taught. If you have a friend that needs digital marketing service then I am your guy. The skills listed below are what I am proficient or an expert in.

Google AdWords service – Currently certified by Google.

Website design – 3 major websites managed with more than over 10,000 active listings. Over 30 websites built from scratch.

Events coordination and planning – My major responsibility was to coordinate and promote events for an Award Winning Harley-Davidson Dealership.

Classified ads service – Extensive knowledge, call for more details.

Designing software, and a software I designed and had built, which has current users.

Adwords for Video – Managing campaigns, targeting placements, retargeting,  analytics.

Facebook ads & management – Record 20 leads for a Lamborghini leased priced over $150,000 for under $20.00 adspend.

Social media pages content management – Keep pages updated with current posts based on research of the niche.

Video search engine optimization – Ranking videos in the top searches of Youtube – Example check “yachts for sale“, and link building service.

Knowledge of softwares, apps, crms, and backends. 7 years of consistent industry work


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