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Mike’s Consignment – Boating Consignment Store In Ventura Redesign

This was a fun project. Mike needed to have a new website that would hold more of his inventory. His last website had him maxed out on inventory loading, he was at a standstill with loading more inventory

I made a new site in wordpress, and installed woocommerce.  This way the shop could list all of their inventory, and also sell the product online. But this came with a catch. Due to the nature of shipping, and measuring, and weighing each item. This would take up to much of his staff resources. So we came up with an idea to have the customers buy the product with a deposit.

The deposit option allowed the customer to hold the item they wanted, then Mike and his staff would collect the rest of the payment, and calculate shipping per order. Rather than calculate shipping per each item loaded, per 100’s and 100’s of items.












This solved one problem, which brought me into another problem.

The stock search that comes with woo commerce just did not suffice, it wasn’t finding the correct items, just really bad performance.

I installed a custom solution for the site search that was really cool.

This site search fixed spelling errors, so if someone typed in davids, it would suggest davits, or swim step, it would suggest swim steps. Etc Etc.

This plugin increased user functionality ease by a lot. It also has a back-end analytics, shows what was fixed as far typo’s go, what was searched for, and if it was a mobile or desktop search.

















Among, many other small fixes, and troubleshooting. Mike had requested that I train the staff to add new inventory, and manage the site. Since I am a huge supporter of Mike’s business. I said sure no problem, I really want to see his business get off of the ground.