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Google Adwords Services

ADWORDS LOGOGoogle Adwords is one of the fastest most efficient way to bring targeted users to your site. Imagine if you are a plumber and want your ad to hit on searches like, plumber + location, plumbing services, emergency plumbing.

This is called PPC (Pay per click) you are bidding on keywords to make your ad show up in google to people who are already searching for services, or products like yours. Now imagine finding that working solution where your ROI out weighs your budget, and you can just feed money into google, and get targeted leads, and branding benefits from google. We are certified from google to run these types of campaigns for you.

This is what adwords is good for, while SEO is also good. It takes longer, and can be more to manage just depending on how competitive your niche is.

We offer:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competition analysis (see your competitions ads, and what they are bidding on)
  • Optimization & management
  • Conversion tracking
  • And more

Having your in-house office person doing your Adwords? Or a large company that you hired to do it for you? Do you ADWORDS SEARCHreally know what they are doing for you? Do you see results from this and know the money in your wallet comes from these efforts? If not, then use our free un-timed consultation to go over your account, and discover new opportunities. We are offering free set-up on all new accounts, save thousands!