This post goes over some data that I have discovered using a 3rd party tool for Facebook ads.

This screenshot below gives you the ability to compare multiple metrics. This one below is showing differences in headlines of ads.

Here is an example of what an ad from the campaign looks like:

(As you can see this is the first headline being measured in the graph above.)


Now we can get into diving into the research finding out what is working and what is not.

What you are looking at below is 3 different sets of ads. Each ad is being measured with different metrics.

The first set of ads has 18 total. You can see that compared to the other sets it is performing the best with 71 total clicks. I am noticing that my click through ratio is high. You can see the impressions to clicks, it is not horrible but as this is the first run at this campaign. I know that I can do better than this and want to run another test with different headlines or modified headlines based on what seems to be working here.

It seems like the ads with the picture of the older guy is performing the best, and in that particular set, I see that the second title is performing the best. I also notice that this title is the only curiosity causing headline and mentions nothing about savings. Yet that is not a constant, if you view that same headline across the other sets of ads it is not the top performer as far as clicks go. So I will switch to compare more metrics to see if I can start eliminating poor performing ads or targeting options.

In this screenshot, I am comparing images to ad copy, and this shows there is a constant which is the sentence that starts with Why did no one….. So this is something to consider, that the copy of the ad can affect campaign performance. So I will put this to the side for now and make a note to start researching and fine tuning my copy.